The Taste of Middle East

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Our specialties

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Hot drinks

Tea, coffee and our favorite drinks to accompany your Shisha.



Variety of amazing flavors from the Lebanese cuisine.

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A wide selection of flavors and aromas for you to enjoy in our cafeteria.

Dates and Cups

Our story begins in Ajman

From our origins, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting every cup of coffee, tea and incredible conversations with a Shisha.

This objective leads us to take care of every detail of the process, from choosing only the best products for our clients.

Cafe Libanais started as a small coffee shop in Ajman. Since then the dream of the most important coffee shop in the city has prevailed.

Our roots and essence are Lebanese, but the United Arab Emirates is our home. Where we take care of the fusion of flavors that guarantees a unique and exclusive flavor.


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"A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent"

Arabic Proverb